Cyber & ITSec
byHSC Global Risk
91% / €72,938,655

Our syndicate is geared towards investing in insurance products related to IT security and cyber risks, including products addressing the direct cyber crime / terrorism losses, and liability and other risks faced by the IT security industry.


HSC Global Risk has a network of 400+ brokers globally, including US, EEA and Asia-Pacific.

Profit and loss forecasts

Considering our current performance with products where capacity is granted by Lloyd’s syndicates, we aim to deliver a 5%+ ROI to syndicate token holders.

Risk selections principles

We are focusing on the corporate /enterprise segments of the market, preferring established IT-companies with large policies.

Claims process

The FNOL-s are presented to the syndicate through an online interface. Claims handling is performed by a third party administrator, TBD.

Market and competition

The entire premiums volume of this product class on our chosen market is €200 million. The competitors distribute their products mainly through brick and mortar brokers. The premium revenue in this segment has seen a CAG of 20% during the last 5 years.

Risks analysis

The main risk is a market risk, more specifically competition. Many insurance industry players are looking more closely into cyber related risks.

About us

Our team has over 200 years of combined experience in writing cyber and liability business. Our other lines of business include over mitigating GDPR risks, and covers for cyber crime losses.

Mart Parve
Head of Syndicate
Thomas Manson